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Biomass in Slovenia         

Martina Sumenjak   BEI 2001-04-29,  Slovenija 

SLOBIOM - Slovenian Biomass association inroduces themselves and their current work. 

The Slovenian Biomass Association (SLOBIOM) was established five years ago, and shortly thereafter in the course of the same year the Association became a member of European Biomass Association (AEBIOM). From its very beginings SLOBIOM actively cooperated with Austrian Biomass Association (ABA), one of the leading European countries on the issue of introducing and using renewable energy sources, from whom we received invauable knowledge and guidelines, as well as with the Government of Republic of Slovenia, the local government and mass media representatives. As of recently SLOBIOM is actively cooperating with the National Council of the Republic of Slovenia, and the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Slovenia has given us the status of an association of special importance.

On the iniciative of SLOBIOM, the Ministry of Agriculture has prepared a program proposal for the additional use of timber mass to a level of 5PJ, and it has been passed on to the public decision-making procedure, which has to be confirmed by the government of the Republic of Slovenia.
In cooperation with the Council of the Republic of Slovenia, SLOBIOM organizes regional meetings with the representative of local government, companies and institutions that are active in the domain of introducing and using biomass in just about all the regions of Slovenia, and entirely for the purpose of promotion and education in the use of biomass and other renewable energy sources.

SLOBIOM cooperates with competent institutions in Croatia and Bosnia & Hercegovina in the domain of biomass use for power-supply purposes.
SLOBIOM in cooperation with the Council of the Republic of Slovenia is preparing a proposal of legal acts for the use of renewable energy sources and reduce CO2 emissions with the aim of having them ratified (authenticated) by the Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia already this year.

As for the activities related to biomass and other renuvable energy sources in Slovenia at present, the project of spreading a network for remote biomass heating of the Gornji Grad and Železnik is in its finishing phase; the building of district biomass heating plants has started within the Phare program in Nazarje, Predvor, and Logarska Dolina valley; the project design documents are ready for building of plants for production of heat and electricity in Kamnik is being modernized and the Inco Copernicus promotion campain has been concluded.

In september 2001, SLOBIOM will in cooperation with Parliament of the Republic of Slovenia and Austrian Biomass Association organize an International Congres in Ljubljana, and attending participants will be high representatives and experts from Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, as well as high-level guests from Croatia and Bosnia & Hercegovina.

mag. Martina ?umenjak
Jareninski dol 1
SI-2221 Jarenina





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